Matplotlib Course for Beginners

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About Course

Welcome to the Matplotlib Course for Beginners by Studyopedia.

Matplotlib is an open-source plotting library developed by John D. Hunter. Create interactive visualizations in Python with Matplotlib. It is built on NumPy and is one of the most popular libraries for data visualization in Python.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to perform plotting with Python. Visualizations are far better than textual data. Using matplotlib, we can easily create graphs, histograms, bar graphs, etc.


The following are the features of Matplotlib:

  • Free and open-source Python library
  • Load and plot the data easily
  • Easily Make interactive figures that can zoom, pan, update.
  • Export to various file formats, such as PNG, PDF, SVG, etc.
  • Use third-party packages built on Matplotlib for plotting, animations, styles, etc.
  • Create graphs easily, set legends, position titles, plot, etc. with Matplotlib

Course Lessons

  1. Matplotlib – Introduction
  2. Install & Matplotlib
  3. Matplotlib – PyPlot Submodule (Run first Matplotlib program)
  4. Matplotlib – Plotting
  5. Matplotlib – Add Grid Lines
  6. Matplotlib – Add Labels to a Plot
  7. Matplotlib – Plot Titles and Position them
  8. Matplotlib – Add a Legend in a Graph
  9. Matplotlib – Position Legends
  10. Matplotlib – Change the background color of the Legend
  11. Matplotlib – Change the font size of the Legend
  12. Matplotlib – Bar Graph
  13. Matplotlib – Pie Chart
  14. Matplotlib – Line Graph
  15. Matplotlib – Histogram
  16. Matplotlib – Scatter Plot

We have also provided Online Quizzes to polish your Matplotlib skills after completing the lessons.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn Matplotlib for Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Create interactive visualizations in Python with Matplotlib.
  • Easily create graphs, histograms, bar graphs, etc.
  • Learn Matplotlib from scratch
  • Acquire essential Matplotlib skills for numeric and scientific computing
  • Practice your skills

Course Content

Matplotlib – Introduction & Setup

  • Introduction & Features
  • Install & Setup Matplotlib

Matplotlib – Plotting

Matplotlib – Grid

Matplotlib – Plot Settings

Matplotlib – Legends

Plotting – Data Visualization

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