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About Course

Welcome to The Complete Python Pandas Course

Pandas is a powerful and easy-to-use open-source tool built on top of the Python programming language. It is useful for data analysis and manipulation. Python with pandas is widely used in Statistics, Finance, Neuroscience, Economics, Web Analytics, Advertising, etc.

To work with data sets, clean them, and make them relevant for Data Science is what Pandas do. With that, easily load and read data sets in Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, etc. formats with Pandas and work on them. Easily clean the wrong format data, remove duplicates, and do other tasks with Pandas.


  • Analyze Data
  • Manipulate Data
  • Columns can be inserted and deleted from DataFrame
  • Group the rows/ columns of a DataFrame/ Series
  • Plotting is possible
  • Read CSV/ JSON
  • Fix the inaccurate data
  • Clean the Data completely
  • Easy to handle the missing data in the form: NaN, NA, or NaT

Course Lessons

Section 1: Pandas – Introduction & Setup

  1. Pandas – Introduction & Features
  2. Install & Setup Pandas

Section 2: Pandas – DataFrames

  1. Create a Pandas DataFrame (Run first program)
  2. Pandas DataFrames – Attributes & Methods
  3. Join Pandas DataFrame
  4. Concatenate Pandas DataFrames

Section 3: Pandas – Series

  1. Create a Pandas Series
  2. Pandas Series – Attributes & Methods
  3. Combine two Pandas series

Section 4: Pandas – Categorical

  1. Categorical Data in Pandas
  2. Working with Categories in Pandas

Section 5: Pandas – Read CSV, Excel

  1. Read CSV in Pandas
  2. Read Excel in Pandas

Section 6: Pandas – Indexing and Selecting

  1. Indexing in Pandas
  2. Select multiple columns in Pandas

Section 7: Pandas – Data Manipulation

  1. Add a new column in Pandas
  2. Delete rows/ columns in Pandas
  3. Iterate over rows and columns in Pandas
  4. Sorting in Pandas

Section 8: Pandas – Data Cleaning

  1. Handle Duplicates in Pandas
  2. Clean the Data in Pandas

Section 9: Pandas – Operations

  1. String Operations in Pandas
  2. Date Time Operations in Pandas
  3. Remove Whitespace in Pandas
  4. Group the Data in Pandas
  5. Statistical Functions in Pandas

Section 10: Pandas – Plotting

  1. Plot a DataFrame in Pandas


  1. Quiz

We have also provided an Online Quiz to polish your Pandas skills after completing the lessons.

100+ live coding examples are covered to make each lesson easier for the students.

Career Path

  • The Average Data Scientist’s salary in the UK is £73,411
  • The Average Data Analyst salary in the UK is £41,449

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn Pandas from scratch (2024)
  • Learn Pandas for Data Science and Data Analysis
  • • Acquire essential Pandas skills
  • • Practice your skills with 100+ coding exercises
  • Learn Pandas best practices
  • Be able to program in Pandas professionally.
  • Learn to read CSV and Excel files with ease in Python

Course Content

Pandas – Introduction & Setup

Pandas – DataFrames

Pandas – Series

Pandas – Categorical

Pandas – Read CSV, Excel

Pandas – Indexing and Selecting

Pandas – Data Manipulation

Pandas – Data Cleaning

Pandas – Operations

Pandas – Plotting

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