NumPy Course for Beginners

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About Course

Welcome to The Complete NumPy Tutorial by Studyopedia.

NumPy is an open-source Python library, that allows you to work with multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, with the mathematical functions operating on these arrays. It stands for Numerical Python and is written in Python and C. It is a Python library for numeric and scientific computing. It consists of multi-dimensional array objects. It is faster with less LOC.

Python NumPy is considered one of the most powerful and top libraries for Data Science. In this course, we have covered over 70 examples to explain every concept of NumPy.

Numpy allows you to perform various operations on Arrays, including

  • Array Slicing
  • Array Join
  • Array Split
  • Array Reshape
  • Array Indexing
  • Array Search

Course Lessons

  1. NumPy Introduction
  2. Installing NumPy with pip
  3. Create NumPy arrays
  4. Dimensions in NumPy Arrays
  5. Initialize NumPy Arrays
  6. Datatypes in NumPy
  7. NumPy Array Indexing
  8. NumPy Array Slicing
  9. NumPy Array Shape
  10. Reshape a NumPy array
  11. Iterate NumPy Arrays
  12. Joining NumPy Arrays
  13. Split NumPy Array
  14. Search an Array for a value
  15. Sorting NumPy Arrays
  16. Axes in NumPy arrays
  17. Intersection of NumPy Arrays
  18. Difference between NumPy arrays
  19. Arithmetic Operations on NumPy arrays
  20. Scalar operations on NumPy arrays
  21. Statistical Operations on NumPy arrays
  22. Random module in NumPy
  23. NumPy Logs
  24. NumPy LCM and HCF


We have also provided 6 Online Quizzes to polish your NumPy skills after completing the lessons.

100+ live coding examples are covered to make each lesson easier for the students.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn NumPy for Data Science (2024)
  • Learn NumPy from scratch
  • Acquire essential NumPy skills for numeric and scientific computing
  • Be able to program in NumPy professionally.
  • Practice your skills with 70+ exercises
  • Learn NumPy best practices

Course Content

NumPy Introduction & Features

  • NumPy Introduction & Features
  • Install NumPy (Set Environment)

NumPy – Basics

NumPy – Indexing and Slicing

NumPy – Shape, Reshape, Iterate

NumPy – Join, Split, Search, Sort

NumPy – Operations

NumPy – Miscellaneous

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